Media Policy


The (Off) The Chain Summit presented by Pillar and Castle Island Ventures will follow a Modified Chatham House Media PolicY.

  • Members of the media will be allowed to attend the summit in a non-media function (i.e. out of personal interest or as speakers), and must abide by the modified Chatham House Media Policy Guidelines.

  • None of the panels or speaker presentations will be recorded.

  • Attendees may discuss the event content publicly, but cannot attribute any content to individuals on social media, in blog posts, in media articles, or in any other public or private forum.

  • Pillar and Castle Island VC reserve the right to recap blog posts for each of the event sessions. Each speaker will sign a letter of consent indicating that their approval is required before the posts can be published online or in any other forum.

  • A photographer will be present at the event. By attending the event, you consent to the potential public use of your photograph in marketing materials or on social media.